Saturday, June 20, 2009

Enjoying our Time together to the Max

We are trying to stay busy. So for today we went to several different parks. Our first stop was a local park here by the house. The kids were playing hard and I enjoyed watching them play. That was until a group of rowdy teenagers came and overtook the playground equipment. Feeling sorry for our dogs we decided to head off to memorial park one of our favorite spots to play with them.

While there a huge festival was going on but thanks to the threat of rain people had ran out of there screaming. Well maybe not screaming but we got the lake mostly to ourselves. The dogs played hard and I let the children wade in the water for a little bit of time.

Following our romp through memorial park we decided to check out Palmer Park. We drove up to a place called turnaround point and found some fun hiking trails. We are trying to enjoy our Colorado scenery before it gets too hot. I feel very blessed to be surrounded by all this beauty and even more blessed to have a wonderful family

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Heather said...

Looks like a great time even for the dogs, lol!