Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stop my babies from growing so fast please

Again the kids and I went to the mall today. I thought it was too hot to deal with the parks and this mall has a great indoor area to play. While there I decided to check out the baby store for baby gear for my nephew to be born (actually second cousin but my cousin and I are more like sisters now then before) in the next two months. My son has been sitting on the 39.5 mark for the last couple months and I had a fear that we would have to take him to a highback booster due to cost restraints. Imagine my surprise when I found an Apex 65 for the low cost of $43.00. I checked the manufacture date and it was produced in April of 2008 so I am really going to get about 5 years usage from this seat. I am so happy that my son now has the last carseat he will ever need. I feel that as a mom I am protecting him as much as I can. I only wish I had known all these facts when my daughter was born. Thank goodness we all get smarter with age instead of the latter.

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Heather said...

I love indoor play grounds!