Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Joy of Being Mom

Today started out being a great day. I love Thursdays now even more then Fridays because I know that tomorrow my husband will be home for the weekend after he clocks out. I look forward to smelling his scent and seeing his smile. I have not had enough of that lately.

Today I had a bad craving for tacos americanos (taco bell tacos) so I ran to target to get some cheese and shells. You know me I had to check out the clearance. I was so happy to find diapers on clearance (size 6 huggies supreme 82 diapers 14.42 score) I threw them in the cart and started to pick up some trail mix. Walking over to electronics my daughter screams at me, "Mom what is wrong with Ro-n's face?" I am thinking that he has a moco or something so I look over hesitantly. My poor son's eye is swollen practically shut. I look at his arm and it has hives and is red and itchy. I am terrified and have no idea what to do. Screw the No shirt no service policy my son is in danger. I run over to the OTC meds, rip off his shirt and whip out the cell phone. I call my daughters pediatrician. They will not give me any advice and had no appointments. I call the hospital emergency room and start crying to the nurse on duty. She tells me this sounds like an common allergy most likely to weeds or pollen and that it sounds localized. She advises me to give him benedryl and a lukewarm bath. I finally settle down and run to get a new shirt and check out quickly. In the parking lot I whip out the benedryl and force a dose down. I run home praying it does not rain and get in the house.

Tonight the hives are gone and the swelling on the eye is minimul. I am sure I will wake up a lot tonight to check his breathing. Today I was the crazy crying lady with a baby without a shirt and sadly enough in the situation I would probably do the same again. Living with no regrets, that is me.

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The syders said...

Something very similar happened to me once...I woke up one morning about 10 years ago with My eye mysteriously swollen shut.
I really panicked, called the Doc, he visited me at home and told me it was an allergic reation.

It was a very odd experience...Its never happened again since and I never discovered what caused the reaction!

Heather said...

wow crazy! Glad he is ok!