Friday, July 3, 2009

The first day off of the Month

I am falling a little behind on my blog but please understand this month is a crazy one for us. For one we are moving in 28 days. Yes you read that right due to time constraints and money issues we had to push it back. But no fear we will be ready and very happy once we finally do move.

Today was basically a grocery shop/errands day. We really do not want to move any dirty clothes or such so we decided to do laundry. I started this quest last week and I did a total of 7 loads. Today I did a total of 10 more! Yes it sucked but I did get a lot accomplished.

Tomorrow should be a blast. We will end up doing many fun things. I hope life turns out great. We shall see.

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Adrians Mama said...

Holy crap that's a lot of laundry!!