Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth Of July

Today our Major plan was to go offroading. Honestly Ro and I had no idea how to get to Gold Camp Road so we winged it. Imagine our surprise when we found out we went the wrong way. We ended up going on Lower Gold Camp Road and still found some stunning views. We also found Helen Hunt Falls and some beautiful scenery. We hope to return there soon someday.

We drove along the rocky edges of the mountain range and I feel in love with my beautiful country all over again. As we drove and chatted we explained to my daughter what the fourth was all about. The birth of our nation the United States of America.

After we got down the mountain we came home and grabbed the dogs. We ran to memorial park and walked the dogs. I was very happy when I saw paddleboats for rent. The rate was 10 for the four of us so we decided to rent a boat. What we did not factor in was the uneven weight of Roana and Lil Ro in the back. LoL We took the dogs home and we tried paddling into the middle of the lake. We got tired and frusturated and sat there watching everything around us. Then all the sudden lifeguards come running out screaming at swimmers to get inside quickly. We are halfway out from the boat dock and all the sudden it starts pouring. I start laughing and then we saw lighting. Yea it is not supposed to rain on the fourth of July. Ro got us safe back at land and we grabbed our towels and started laughing at how close we were and next time we need two boats.

At home I decided to celebrate big time. I made ribeye steaks, baked potatos, pasta salad and we picked up a cheesecake and rolls. At dusk the kids and I went and sat at the track behind the apartment and watched the fireworks. Ro talked to his family in Mexico at the time so it was just the three of us. Sitting there I smiled and realized we live in a great nation. A nation of equality where anyone can become whatever they dream. We are so blessed but that is another post for another day.

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Adrians Mama said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful 4th!!!

Heather said...

another great day!