Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just My Hubby and I

My husband and I can count on less then one hand how many times we have been out since our children were born. We have to really trust someone for our children to be left alone with them. I had been planning this night out for 2 weeks now and I am very happy that we did it.

At 12 I started getting ready for my date. The previous day I had went to the store and purchased some clothes so I could once again feel like a beautiful woman instead of just mom. I had also went to the dollar tree and bought some make-up which I had not done in over 8 years. The kids and I showered and they stood in the mirror and watched their mommies transformation.

At 3:30 Daddy came home from work. His jaw hit the ground when he saw his wife. He could not believe how much I had transformed in the last couple of hours. I had arranged through craigslist a special surprise. My husband is a huge Halo fanatic. We have Master Chief in our bedroom and almost every halo thing imaginable. I found a kid on there that was giving away a poster and a strategy guide. I was so very happy. We went and picked it up and I handed it to him. He was happy and thanked me for thinking about him.

At 5 we loaded up the car. Ro drove me over to my friends house and I dropped the kids off. I was nervous but she is a great lady who I know takes awesome care of my kids. Ro and I drove to the movie theater and I bought our tickets to see Bruno. Beforehand,we walked by an ice cream parlor. I ordered a strawberry cone with brownie infused. As I went to pay I was mortified as I lost my coordination and the ice cream fell on to the counter. The very sweet lady told me not to worry about it and made me another one. Ro told me to keep the other one and we got three.

We sat down in our seat. 10 minutes before the movie we were the only one in the theater. I felt like I was on a first date again. My hands were sweaty and I struggled for words. Then we lifted the armrest and I laid my head on his shoulder. The movie started and the theater was practically empty.

The movie ended around 730. I told my friend we would get the kids at 9 so we went to grab something to eat. We held hands and laughed at the movie and saw a big beautiful parrot on some guys shoulder. We went to our favorite taco shop and ordered. It felt very strange not having our kids around but it was still very nice.

Around 840 we went and got the kids. The kids were exhausted and had a great time. They made cookies and crafts and we had a blast. It is not often we get out anymore but when we do we make the most of it. I have realized I am very blessed to have found my life partner. Almost 11 year later and I am still madly in love. Thanks for a wonderful evening honey. you are definitely the answer to my prayers I had many years ago when I prayed for that perfect someone.

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~Mo~ said...

I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful time alone! You looked beautiful for your date!

Lisa (LGMB) said...

Awwwe how sweet :)

You looked very nice for your 'date' and I had to giggle about how you ended up with 3 ice cream cones lol. Too cute.

I think our marriage goes through different. There are days when we hate to love each other and love to hate each other; lately I've been comforted by insulting the Mexican ... kinda makes me feel good to watch him get mad? Idk. Strange no doubt.

I'm really glad you two went out and enjoyed an evening alone. You should do it more often :)


Anonymous said...

You look so nice! Take time every now and then and fix yourself up like this. Do it for YOURSELF. You deserve to feel beautiful.

Anonymous said...

you look great