Friday, August 27, 2010

TGIF! Thank Goodness. I am going insane!

I honestly thought with 5 years apart my kids would be able to get along and ignore each other. Oh man, I was so very wrong. They still argue and fight. I pray every night they will become best friends and that I will have that family I always dreamed of. I look forward to Friday because that is a day where we become a 2 parent family. Ro works a lot so I try to give him a break because I know I would lose my mind working and dealing with us. He appreciates it and gives me the same respect on the weekends.

Today was Student Assessment Day at school so students with difficulties go in for assistance. They get the assessments they need and all other kids get the day off. Fun for them but not so much fun for us parents. The kids and I woke up around 8 and cleaned the house. We watched some Rugrats and then my own Rugrats decided to do their normal daily fighting. Ugh they are lucky they are cute.

Quickly the day heated up so I exclaimed. Ok kids Pool time! We went to the closets pulled out our gear and off we went. The kids handled it well for an hour and then other kids showed up and Lil Ro threw a fit. He screamed and carried on so I said enough lets go. He did really well though today. He swam for 30 minutes without any floatie at all. He stayed in shallow end at my request but he did it. I love watching him grow and his lil accomplishments remind me that this is the reason I had kids. Even if sometimes I could pull every single one of my hairs out.

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Crystal said...

I know what you mean. My boys are 5 years apart in age too. They are even both boys, but fight like cats and dogs. I pray everyday that they will become best friends and remind them of having a best friend for life thru brother-hood, but they still fight. I could pull my hair out too.

I love the pix of the kids. They look like they're having so much fun! You are SOOOOOO lucky to have a pool that you have access too! We didn't get to get into an under-ground swimming pool this entire summer. :(