Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Third Time is A Charm????

Having two previous pregnancies I truly thought number 3 was going to be a piece of cake. Instead I am finding myself constantly questioning my feelings and fears. Yesterday I went to the office to get a work order. On the way home from the office a child who does not know how to ride his bike ram into my back. I was in the middle of a discussion with a neighbor and I felt a wetness trickle down my leg.

My baby right now is only 15 weeks. Broken water at this point is no joke. I ignored the child laying on the ground and ran to the house. I called my ob and instantly started sobbing. She told me to get a pad and lie down. She also scheduled me an ultrasound to check on my little bean.

Thankfully no more fluid last night or today. I went to the OB terrified this morning. I swore my baby was more quiet then normal.  I was convinced my baby was an angel.

The tech got me back at 8:35. She told me let's start by looking at that uterus. I did not know what was going on. She then pointed the doppler down and there it was. My sweet baby looking up at me. It got irritated at being poked and threw it's arms above it's face. We saw it's sweet little legs, and hands and watched it slumber. Currently it has a heartbeat of 160 on the dot. I love this critter so much. I cannot wait until January when I meet him/her.

This pregnancy is not easy but I am almost halfway there. I am proud of my sweet peanut and I cannot wait until it is here with us. Third time will be a charm. It will be the time our family is truly complete.

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