Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I love Springtime in the Rockies

You curl up under the blankets at night and open the windows smelling the crisp clean air. Then during the day you hear the birds chirping. Life is just beautiful. Yes somedays we have our freak snow storms but for the most part it is very calm.

Lil Ro right now is enjoying riding his trike. It is so much easier to have fun with him now that he is potty trained. He rides and rides and laughs and laughs. Sometimes he gets tired however and I help him carry his bike.

Roana is getting more friends. We play outside for at least an hour a day with them. I am somehow the unofficial block mom but I love watching my children interact and show their different play styles.

I am now thinking it is time to shed my winter coat. I stepped on a scale today and I am very disappointed with myself. I got down to 217. Now I am ashamed to admit my weight on here. I am going to be making some lifestyle changes here in the next month. I need to be healthy for my family.

Today was gorgeous for the most part. A thunderstorm rolled in and out quickly and left us with a beautiful rainbow. Life is good again. For now we can enjoy the beauty and relax. All is good in the world.

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Heather said...

The flower pixs are amazing!