Sunday, April 18, 2010

My favorite days of the week

My poor Ro is working his butt off for us so we can enjoy our weekends. This weekend was a pretty cold foggy one but thank goodness God took pity on us Sunday and gave us a little break. The sun came up and it actually got past 60 so we headed out to play at the park and run a few small errands.

We decided to take lil Man to Mcdonalds. He has been begging for it since 2 weeks ago. We do not believe in Happy Meals so I ordered off of the Dollar Menu. The kids played for almost an hour but then the play place got way to crowded. Ro and I gave each other the knowing look and took the kids out pouting.

Feeling sorry for our babies we decided to go to a schools playground. It was empty when we arrived so it was perfect. Our kids ran up the slides and up the rock wall. Under everything and was full of smiles. Then a group of unaccompanied children ranges 6-12 showed up. I cannot believe in this day and age so many people trust their children on their own. I told Ro I am not anyones free babysitter especially children I do not know. So we loaded up into our car and drove off.

We drove past our old apartments and I am so ashamed to admit I ever lived there. They are even more run down then before. There is no grass and trash all over and I was angry I allowed my children to live there for so long. Ro and I both agreed we made the best decision to move away from there. We have to give our children the best we can no matter what.

From there we decide to go to Rizuto's Ice Cream again. My Ro loves the strawberry and so does Roana. I decided to give Butterfinger a try and got lil Ro an scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough. From there we decided to come home. I was exhausted as I had fallen asleep at 2 the previous day. I fell asleep for a couple hours and woke up to watch some movies with my honey.

I love simple weekends. They are the days my children will always remember and reflect on. This week is going to be a short week as Roana has no school on Friday and Thursday is Lil Ros 4th birthday. Time is flying by and I honestly am just trying to savor each and every moment as mommy to my 2 babies.

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