Thursday, April 22, 2010

One of the biggest blessings in my life!

Four years ago as I laid in the hospital bed. I looked into a tiny bassinet laying next to me. A child laid there full of promise and I just laid and prayed I did not screw him up too badly. Four years has passed now and I am astonished by my child. He is everything I imagined him to be and I am very proud he is mine. 

Today we tried to plan something for his birthday however daddy had to work so I made it his and my special day. I took him to the mall and let him play in the playground. Took him to his favorite restaurant CiCis Pizza Buffet. Then went to Walmart to let him pick his dinner. He decided on Chili Cheese Hot dogs. 

On the way home from Work daddy stopped and got an banana split ice cream cake. We sang happy birthday and his eyes lit up. My baby is a big boy now. I love him all I can. Tomorrow will be our day for celebrating as a family. Here are some pictures of the official day.

Lil Ro,

Four years ago mommy prayed for a son that I could be proud of. Four years ago that prayer was answered by you. Everyday you awaken and look at me with your gorgeous brown eyes I cry a little inside that someday some other woman will sweep you off your feet. You are the perfect son to me and sometimes you are a little rambunctious but that is what makes you you. Please stay yourself and do not let the peer pressure turn you into someone you do not want to be. Mommy is always here for you my tiny son. Even when you turn 18 I will still see that tiny baby in the bassinet. I love you baby. Be strong, be wise and most of all Be you.

Love Always,


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Heather said...

Happy Birthday Lil Ro! You are such a blessing in everyone's life.