Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh what a beautiful weekend! Oh what a happy day!

This weekend was a very nice weekend for a change. Ro decided NOT to work overtime in lieu of spending time with us. On Friday we went to a park and played soccer with our new soccer nets. My Lil Ro is such an athlete it is not even funny. He loves kicking the ball into the goal over and over and over. Unfortunately I am sad to say the goals did not last so I had to take them back to Target. After maybe 15 minutes of playing the frames cracked and I was not paying 30 for a broken goal set. It was fun while it lasted though.

Saturday started with a quick trip to the junk yard...or so we thought. Last month with our tax money we bought a 1992 VW Passat GL with moon roof. Ro went to get a muffler attachment however they had none. What they did have though was the moon roof track and frame so he inquired. Our moon roof had never worked since  a metal piece cracked in it. It was only 50 and from inquiring with a few mechanics it would cost us at least 300 for  a new one alone before installation. Big Ro was pretty sure he could fix it however it would take him at least 2 hours to pull the old one. He asked me what sounded like fun in the mean time for the kids and I. I started thinking about it and I remembered a goodwill located just down the street. I told him to drop me off and the kids and I would find something nice there. While there I scored lil Ro 5 Super Mario t-shirts, 2 pairs of children's place jeans, Roana got 3 shirts, big Ro got 2 shirts and 1 Barcelona soccer jersey and I got 3 shirts. Plus I found Lil Ro a brand new hot wheels loop with 10 cars included and Roana wanted 1 cadberry bunny animal. I spent a whopping $23! Ro pulled the moon roof and we came home and we assembled it. So for basically 75.00 we got our moon roof repaired! 

Afterwards we went to the grocery store. On our way there the kids fell asleep. I was very happy to go in there for a change and enjoy my shopping. I actually got to plan my meals for a change.

On Sunday it was 72. Such a refreshment from the snow we have received the last two weeks. I made Menudo for breakfast and then I got everything packed up to go to Palmer Park and get to cook out on our new grill. We love charcoal grills and I scored one last year for 4.00! There are no pictures of the grill however. We cooked Chicken Sausage from Sunflower market and then burgers and hot dogs. The kids played and ate and ran and teased the dogs.

After everything was eaten and packed up we decided to take Rex to the water at Rick Gossage Sports complex. He really loves playing fetch with the sticks and his mighty tuff water retriever toy. We played for 45 minutes until the mosquitoes decided they wanted a late lunch. 

From the sports complex we decided that we wanted Ice Cream. My friend Holly introduced me to an ice cream shop called Rizuto's. They sell these junior chocolate dipped cones for .75. I got one of those for me and a scoop of ice cream each for the kids. My total came up to 3.75 for us all. It is amazing and they are family owned and operated.

It was maybe a simple weekend but an incredible one. I love days like these and I know someday I will look back and miss them. Until them I will relish each and every one. Until my babies have babies of their own. Time passes so fast and I feel sometimes like I am missing it all.

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Heather said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, congrats!