Monday, July 15, 2013

Being Plus Size and Pregnant

Being pregnant is supposed to be beautiful. It is supposed to be the time mommy happily shows off her stomach and can eat whatever the heck she feels with no guilt.

Being a plus size mommy you really don't get these joys. Instead of gaining 25-30 lbs during pregnancy they really limit you to maintaining or 10 lbs. Basically you still have to lose while the baby grows.

Then you have your already 7 month looking stomach. You will hardly ever see a belly pic of me for this reason. I am well aware growing inside of this fat is my child. I won't humor myself and call it my baby. My baby is the size of an apple. But oh well.

I am taking every week, every day and relishing this. Rogelio and I are both 1000% sure Baby Ro is it for us. We are both getting up there in age and we just know this is it. 6 weeks until I find out gender. All my birth board seems to be paying for elective but I am the realist. I know baby may hide the goods and anything before 18 weeks is still iffy. We are going to keep our elective in case baby hides week 20.

I love being pregnant. I just wish I got to enjoy it as much as most do. But it's okay. I am still setting baby up for a very healthy lifestyle. I am blessed, I am healthy and most of all I am growing a human being.

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