Thursday, July 11, 2013

This was a scary day

This morning your brother Rogelito woke up at 2:30 pretty sick. That is when I noticed pains all along my stomach. You are too small to cause me that pain from movement. I went back to sleep but the pain persisted all day long.

Mommy finally wised up and called the nurse. She seemed a bit concerned as you have been a test from the beginning. Daddy and I were terrified. My appointment was at 3:15. Mom and Dad barely spoke. We were both in our own worlds.

The doctor did some tests and then finally he stuck the doppler on my stomach. It took about 1 minute but there you were! Strong as ever. Mommy heard your heart beat for the first time. The stomach pain is from a virus or something. But thankfully it's not from you.

Our next real appointment will be July 31st. I am impatient but you will be now in my life at that point for 17 weeks!  I am praying daily for you as long as my prayer warriors. You are everything I wanted and never knew existed. Mommy loves you little one. Keep fighting and keep growing!

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