Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I still have other children who need mommy

Friday is Valentines day! I love this day as well I have been fortunate to have a Valentine now for 15 years! I love that man but that is another post for another day! LOL

Lil Ro needs a mailbox for school and not wanting to let him down or neglect him with the new baby I became determined to make him his favorite valentine box...mario and his piranha plant friend! We did it as a team and it took us an hour but I love it and he is impressed. Hopefully on Friday it has the same effect!

Monday, February 10, 2014

My goodness how quickly it is going!

My tiny boy is now 6 weeks old. We have been battling a virus and I am absolutely heartbroken about it! He had his first major fever and scared me to death! Imagine my surprise today when I turned and saw his very first smile at Mommy! I am trying to savor every moment! Time flies by quickly and before I know it, he will be in school like the others!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today was my husbands birthday! He took the kids to a monster jam show and left Rigo and I at home. Not wanting to be sitting doing nothing I decided my hubby needed a cheer up. Rigo and I decided to make him a birthday present a mug. It said "To the world you may be just one person; but to one person you may be the world" Dr. Suess. He teared up and we had cake. It was a wonderful gift and I am learning making things from the heart is better then any store bought article!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1 month old

It is kind of hectic around here with three kids. Life doesn't stop because you have a newborn! Roana is still doing drama club and on honor roll. Rowen is in in Science and Writing club and Rogelio is still busting his behind at work excelling at his job.

Today my sweet baby. My tiny miracle hit one month old! He is such a good boy and I am not sure how I got so lucky! He wakes up one time a night to feed and he is just so perfect. I cannot imagine life without him!

He now weighs 9 lbs 10 oz! Almost 3 lbs gained since birth and he is now 22 inches long. Please make time slow down. I am going to miss my tiny boy!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

He Is Here. Not like I planned but Rigo my 4th Ro is here!

Birth Story. He is here and  I felt like it is important to share.

On December 27 I had my 38 week appointment. We were waiting for my husband to get out of the bathroom so I could do my nst. I felt a small gush and wet myself but I assumed it had been urine as little man was settled directly on my bladder. We had the nst and bpp and he passed beautifully. Dr and I discussed my options. He felt optimistic I could go to the end if I wanted but I was so done with pregnancy at this point since it had been my longest pregnancy ever. He scheduled my induction for Jan 1st. I was thrilled for my New Years baby. I had an end date. I never imagined what would happen next.

Hubby and I came home and attempted to take a nap. When I went to lay down I had trickling down the leg. I was a bit concerned at this point. But thought I would lay down again. After all it was 2:30 at this point and I thought maybe the dr had upset ds and he was more active then ever. When I laid down I felt yet another small gush and at this point I turned to my hubby and said "I think my water broke." I began to cry. He dressed himself and we instructed the kids we were going to the hospital. We told them Mommy needed to get checked out. My odd almost 13 was going to keep an eye on her brother until I came home or daddy came for them.

We went to Labor and Delivery and rang in on the phone. I told them calmly "Yeah, I think my water broke." They quickly got me in and checked me into the observation room. When they heard my name they laughed and said "Didn't we just schedule your inductions?" I replied "yes mam but I am pretty sure my water broke." We went into the room and they hooked me up to monitors. No contractions were happening at the time. Rigo was happy as a lark in there which had me doubting my sanity.

They tested my water and the tech was like "Let me send this to the lab and see if it is your waters leaking. We will have  a result in a few minutes. But first let me check your dilation." As she confirmed I was 2 and 75% effaced I gushed again. She then looked at me and said "No doubt honey, your water is broken." She still sent the test to the lab but they admitted me to get pitocin and start my induction. I laughed as I was wheeled by the nurses station and told them " I guess we can cancel my induction for the first."

Hubby sat with me while the pitocin was administered. He sat with me for a couple of hours but when I hit 4 I told him to go home. I did not want the kids home too long alone. I was determined to go without meds but once I hit 5 I needed something. The monitor was not picking up my contractions so we decided to get internal ones and that made me feel 10 x better. By this time I it was 8:30 and hubby was on the way with the kids.

Around 9:30 my children where watching me horrified and I could not talk through the pain. My poor son and daughter were looking helpless and I was now 7. I felt like I could not go any farther on my own and begged for an epidural. While I got the epidural I just kept apologizing. My hubby grabbed my hand and told me "I am proud of you. I can't bare to see you in pain. You must relax now or you will kill yourself. Your body is not responding well to the pain. You are amazing." The epidural was amazing. I could feel the pressure of contractions but no pain. I don't doubt that.

Around 12:30 I felt the urge to have a bowel movement. I paged my nurse and she told me not yet. I was about 9.5 and still had a lip on the left side of my cervix. I wanted to cry. I paged her every 15 minutes and finally at 1:50 she had me do a practice push to see how I could push with the epidural. I remember her talking to my doctor on the phone and saying "Yes we have a great pusher here. She will push him quickly.

After the doctor came in and got me situated it was about 1:55 am. I laughed as both my kids picked birth times that ended in 2. I told myself I had 7 minutes to push him out. I was exhausted as I pushed but the doctor massaged me and made sure I would not tear. 7 minutes at 2:02 am I pushed my sweet boy into this world. His squeaks were the most precious sound I heard. He had beautiful brown curly hair and just clung to my chest. My dr let the cord finish pulsing and my hubby cut the cord for the first time ever. I told my son I loved him as they took him over to the bassinet. They weighed him and he was 6 lbs 12 oz. 20.5 inches long.So much for my 8 lb baby. Ultrasounds can be off. Very off. They whisked him up to the nursery for oxygen and tests as he was having a bit trouble breathing. At 8:30 am my son and I were reunited. My daughter got the ultimate birthday gift a day early but he was worth it. How I love them both. December is going to be busy from this point forward.

I know I said I could do natural. I said I would refuse and epidural but I do not regret it now. I know had I not gotten it I would not have progressed and I wonder if I had gotten it sooner if I would have progressed quicker. I know it wasn't my planned dream birth but it was the perfect birth because it got my Rodrigo here safe and sound.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 20 the big Week...Who the heck am I?

Today was our anatomy scan. Rogelio and I both felt bad that the kids had to be in school during our big moment. We decided a few months ago to do a cake reveal for the children so we could all find out together. Our appointment was at 8:30 am. We explained to the tech what we wanted. She happily cooperated. We saw your heart, your arms, your brain, your cute little belly. You are perfect in every way. We just won't know who you are until after dinner tonight. Here is your cute little profile. Mommy loves your tiny bump for a nose.

After the ultrasound we took our envelope over to our wonderful cake maker Sweet Sensations, Cake Creations.She hugged me and off we went with our day. Mommy was obsessed with finding out who you are. I was consumed. I could not concentrate. My best friend your Aunt in Love Jennifer came and took me to her house and we stayed occupied wondering who you are.

Finally at 4:00 the opportunity came. Mommy rang the cake maker's door once again and hello! There is my beautiful cake.

Daddy and Mommy decided since today was such a special day we would go to a very special place for dinner. We decided on Tucanos. We love it there. The food is so fresh but mommy must admit that dinner just was not that interesting. I just wanted to know Blueberry or Strawberry! I ate a couple of plates and then begged to open the cake. I took it out and the wait staff stood around. We cut it open and here is what happened!

Mommy was so surprised! It had blueberry! Blueberry! You are a bouncing baby boy! Welcome to our family Rodrigo Alberto! Mommy's sweet little Rigo! I love you so much already. You see though. Mommy was in disbelief. All the predictors and symptoms showed you are a girl not a boy. I ran to the car and I had to see the ultrasound for myself. Here is what smilled back at me.

You are all boy and proud of it. You did not hesitate to show us! So yes! Mommy is now going to have 3 special boys in my life. Each with a Ro in his name. Your sister and I are outnumbered and I cannot wait to see where life takes us all. Welcome Rodrigo Alberto! You are in for the ride of the life and I cannot wait until January when we finally get to hold you! Life is an adventure and while I am scared. We are going to get through this together. My perfect baby Boy. Mommy is overcome with joy!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

17 weeks and still going

Today was our 17 week appointment. Apparantly mommy hasn't been very serious with staying healthy with cravings. mommy has gained 10 lbs. Opps. Mommy is going to eat healthier again and work out just a bit harder. i want you to be healthy.

I heard your heartbeat again today. You were laying on my right side. That seems to be your favorite side to lay. I wonder who you are. What do you look like? Do you have green eyes, brown eyes or even blue? Do you have blonde hair, red hair, brown hair or black? Are you a boy or girl? So many things I wonder and yet I love you so much already.

We have your name picked out sweet baby. On August 21st, we will finally be able to assign it. We will find out exactly who you are.

Mommy is so excited. You are worth every single struggle I have gone through. Your mom is so in love with you already.

Anxiously awaiting Jan 2014 so I can hold you in my arms.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Third Time is A Charm????

Having two previous pregnancies I truly thought number 3 was going to be a piece of cake. Instead I am finding myself constantly questioning my feelings and fears. Yesterday I went to the office to get a work order. On the way home from the office a child who does not know how to ride his bike ram into my back. I was in the middle of a discussion with a neighbor and I felt a wetness trickle down my leg.

My baby right now is only 15 weeks. Broken water at this point is no joke. I ignored the child laying on the ground and ran to the house. I called my ob and instantly started sobbing. She told me to get a pad and lie down. She also scheduled me an ultrasound to check on my little bean.

Thankfully no more fluid last night or today. I went to the OB terrified this morning. I swore my baby was more quiet then normal.  I was convinced my baby was an angel.

The tech got me back at 8:35. She told me let's start by looking at that uterus. I did not know what was going on. She then pointed the doppler down and there it was. My sweet baby looking up at me. It got irritated at being poked and threw it's arms above it's face. We saw it's sweet little legs, and hands and watched it slumber. Currently it has a heartbeat of 160 on the dot. I love this critter so much. I cannot wait until January when I meet him/her.

This pregnancy is not easy but I am almost halfway there. I am proud of my sweet peanut and I cannot wait until it is here with us. Third time will be a charm. It will be the time our family is truly complete.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Being Plus Size and Pregnant

Being pregnant is supposed to be beautiful. It is supposed to be the time mommy happily shows off her stomach and can eat whatever the heck she feels with no guilt.

Being a plus size mommy you really don't get these joys. Instead of gaining 25-30 lbs during pregnancy they really limit you to maintaining or 10 lbs. Basically you still have to lose while the baby grows.

Then you have your already 7 month looking stomach. You will hardly ever see a belly pic of me for this reason. I am well aware growing inside of this fat is my child. I won't humor myself and call it my baby. My baby is the size of an apple. But oh well.

I am taking every week, every day and relishing this. Rogelio and I are both 1000% sure Baby Ro is it for us. We are both getting up there in age and we just know this is it. 6 weeks until I find out gender. All my birth board seems to be paying for elective but I am the realist. I know baby may hide the goods and anything before 18 weeks is still iffy. We are going to keep our elective in case baby hides week 20.

I love being pregnant. I just wish I got to enjoy it as much as most do. But it's okay. I am still setting baby up for a very healthy lifestyle. I am blessed, I am healthy and most of all I am growing a human being.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

This was a scary day

This morning your brother Rogelito woke up at 2:30 pretty sick. That is when I noticed pains all along my stomach. You are too small to cause me that pain from movement. I went back to sleep but the pain persisted all day long.

Mommy finally wised up and called the nurse. She seemed a bit concerned as you have been a test from the beginning. Daddy and I were terrified. My appointment was at 3:15. Mom and Dad barely spoke. We were both in our own worlds.

The doctor did some tests and then finally he stuck the doppler on my stomach. It took about 1 minute but there you were! Strong as ever. Mommy heard your heart beat for the first time. The stomach pain is from a virus or something. But thankfully it's not from you.

Our next real appointment will be July 31st. I am impatient but you will be now in my life at that point for 17 weeks!  I am praying daily for you as long as my prayer warriors. You are everything I wanted and never knew existed. Mommy loves you little one. Keep fighting and keep growing!