Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just a quick post for updates and rants...

I really need to straighten up. We might have guests tonight for a boxing match. LOL

Update on grandpa. He is doing alright. He is steady in the hospital. They tested his heart and it was functioning 10%. So they took out his pacemaker and replaced it with a defibilator. They are hoping it gets it to function on its own at least 50%. I believe prayer works and he is fighting. He is most likely going home today but I will not believe it until I get a call from his house with his voice.

OMG what is up with crazy people. Yesterday hubby, kids and I went to dinner. It was delicious. Get this Ro-N actually let me finish a meal. I should have known something else would ruin my day. LoL. We stopped at Entertainmart to find some dvds or games and Ro-n behaved so-so. He was tired and playful so you know how it is. We walked into the crosswalk and he collapsed. He refused to get up and I coaxed him back up. He didn't cry and in fact was laughing when I put him in the carseat. I look over and an older gentlemen was hollering at me "Stop hurting that kid, your draggin him". I yelled back mind your business sir. he is my problem not yours!" Then he yelled do you want me to call the police? I was like for what disciplining my child or not hitting him or letting him block traffic?" He then started to pull around my car. Oh hell no. I blocked my license plate so he could not get the numbers. Finally Ro, seen what was going on. He got out of the car and shouted back, What is your problem man? Is he your kid? You dont know the whole story, The man kept insisting that my child was hurt. He is spoiled but fine. Big ro got frusturated and walked to the car. He told him sir mind your own business. You might get your assed kicked. He got scared and drove away...why dont people just not step in when they are needed. Yes my son was acting up but all these dramatics where not needed. Hello we are dealing with a typical 2 y/o boy.

Welll thanks for listening. I will try to take pics this weekend. Ro is working right now so I better be too. Have great holidays.

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Momto3LittleFlowers said...

My MIL went from a 10% to a 30%... So, if he got a 50% that's AMAZING!!

And OMG! I cant believe that guy!!! I cant understand why ppl cant just mind their business!!!!