Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sorry to Be off on my own

My life is coming to a turning point. I am realizing that online life is not the most important thing anymore. My children, home and husband need me. I am tired of putting on a show and watching what I say. I am tired of ticking people off. I am tired of playing sides. I am going to be me from now on. I am trying to decide what I want in life. Do I want another child? Do I want to persue a career? Do I want to live in Colorado for the rest of my life? I have so many questions and no answers yet. I guess God only knows what I am going through and yes I may tell only negatives but it seems everyone only listens when its all flowers and candy.

My husband is doing great. I am so proud of him. He is working overtime as we speak right now. We are trying to talk things out now instead of hollering. Also I am learning that I need to show patience to recieve the respect I deserve. Yes I was upset about him forgetting and screwing me on my birthday but I guess when its the big picture it could be worse. He could be a bastard every day. I am fortunate to have him despite what I may think when angry.

My children are my life. They are beautiful in every since of the word. Roana is flourishing in school and despite what most think of her overweight body gorgeous. She has a great spirit and innocence. I am teaching her now she needs to fight back at these bully's. God made her the way she is now and noone can change it. Lil Ro is driving me nuts. He is finding every boundery and crossing it. I guess that is what almost 2 year old lil boys are good at. I am proud he has no fear and knows mommy will rescue him if he needs it. Time just flies doesnt it? I am trying to focus on these babys. One day in the future I will look back and question why I wasnt around enough so I am doing that for them

On lighter news we have a ghost! I have proof. My hubby was wondering how the dogs behave when we are gone and this is what comes up. Half way through the video you hear a door knob and if you listen closely you hear breathing and the door creak. I am not afraid, I am intrigued. Is it my mom that passed or some lost soul who decided to be a part of our family? As long as it does no harm it is welcome here. Here is the video. Listen about halfway through. You will see our dogs look up...I swear we are not home this happened in our bedroom. See if you can explain it.

Nobody's Home

So that is it for now. i will update soon. Until then I hope all is well in the world you are all living in.

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Heather said...

Always out your family first, your friends will always be here for you no matter what!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think Roana is overweight, she is beautiful!! She is going through that awkward age, Isaac has a great big gut sticking out! She will probly shoot straight up this summer and go back to school 1 foot taller! Lil Ro is a doll just how he is, hes a crazy 2 year old!!! Just be you, thats all you can do. Don't know what your going through cause you dont talk to me anymore (LOL) but it will get better.
Love Ya

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Family is always first!!!

I miss you, though.

I will see the video at home bc I have no sound here.

Jennifer said...

As everyone has said. Your family is always your first priority! If your friends are truely your friends, then they will be there always.

Do what you need to do girl!