Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday the Day for Rest

Uh huh, yeah right. My sil did not show up for the match but invited is over. No thank you I will stay home in my apartment and relax. I am tired and need a break. Saturday I can hardly remember what happened. Maybe it was the pina colada or the fuzzy navel I drank. Oh well it was nice I am sure as I have nothing to complain about.

Sunday we went to another place to eat. I was going to take pictures but I forgot. You know how time flies. I laughed as we went back to entertainmart and prayed that man came again but we were not lucky. So we came home and laid down. I told big Ro I was tired and just wanted to relax. I went into the front room and played the nintendo wii with the kids. I played for 2 hours and I am sore. I was researching games and found one called wii fit. I am going to buy this. If I can have fun and work out it is worth it. So not many events but wanted to check in.

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