Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday. My day was cool.

I love the snow and last night we got about 2 inches. I love cuddling in bed in front of the window and we are on a budget this year so Big Ro ran out and grabbed a couple of good deals. He went to babie's r us and picked up 2 boxes of diapers (180 count total) and a box of wipes (480) to the tune of 25.00! Then he went to Radioshack and bought some blank dvd+r's for 7.99 a pack. He did this while I slumbered with my handsome son.

After he came home we repaired the toilet and did not fight once. That surprised me as it was very frusturating. I guess we are growing up and being a new team. We broke into the turkey and barely finished half of it. We watched a great movie Called "Los Tres Huastecas" a very funny spanish movie about three brothers. It is older but great. The little girl in this movie cracked me up. Reminded me of my son. We also watched a movie we downloaded. We ended our evening picking up a couple of sausage burritos and I came so close to winning a 1000 gift certificate to entertainmart. I was 7 numbers off. So short but sweet another great day. I love my husband I love my life. I would not trade it for the world.

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Heather said...

Nice jobs on the deals!