Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh Yes the Joys Of ParentHood

Today was very interesting. I got my magazine Parents and could not put it down. It had an article and the mom reminded me alot of myself. She was a yeller. She did not realize it until it was almost too late. What I decided is by her example to start deyellifying my life. For one when I yell I get dizzy. My blood pressure goes up and I get even more frusturated. I now hold my breath and count to ten and then whisper to the children what I want. Surprisingly lil Ro stops screaming to hear what I had to say. Hopefully we can make this work.

I had to call Poison Control this evening. When I was checking out ebay I heard screaming from the kitchen. My Lil Ro decided to pour the whole dish soap on his head. He did not injest any but his eyes were very swollen and he was covered. I had to irrigate his eyes for 15 minutes in the shower but I felt so bad during that time. Thank goodness he is ok today. He is still feeling a little down and I am still a little tired but I blame the cold. If it would just snow a little it would make it all alright. I guess I ranted enough tonight. Hope you all had a great day.

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La Guera Liz said...

Sounds like Lil Ro sure keeps you on your feet!! ;)

Its scary going through something like that!!! I'm glad he's okay.

Heather said...

Never a dull day in your household.

Crystal said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Poor baby. Cameron once poured the entire bottle of shampoo on his head and his eyes were soapy with bubbles. It was so terrible.

(((BIG HUGS to Lil Ro)))

(((HUGS mama)))