Monday, November 3, 2008

Tomorrow is a day we will all remember

For the first time in my life my daughter and I are talking politics. It astounds me at how much she can compehend. It all started out like this.

Roana: Mama are you voting tomorrow?
Me: Of course honey why?
Roana: Are you voting for the white one or the brown one mommy?
Me: Why honey?
Roana: Ms Brown says this is the first time we will have a brown president if that guy is president and I like him he is brown mommy.
Me: Yes he is brown honey but guess what he is part white too honey. His mommy was white and his daddy was brown. I like that about him too. He is a good man honey.
Roana: That makes me happy mommy. That means I can be president one day too.

Wow my baby gets it. She is witnessing history. Tomorrow we are going to the polls and she will help me cast this historic vote. Imagine this will give our children some hope. Some chance to be who they desire. It will give them a man of various heritages to look up to. It shows them it ok to be different and that we are all equal. We can all raise from poverty to become something more. I am very excited about this election. I pray we as a nation make the right decision and look past the color of skin. Our children have the right ideas if only we would stop corrupting them. I am so proud to be part of this country right now and hopefully tomorrow will help me even more be prouder to be part of this great nation.

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Heather said...

LOL cute conversation!