Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So much to be grateful for

I am so blessed in my life right now. Its not perfect by far but its my life. On this evening of Thanksgiving as my turkey thaws I am reflecting. I am so blessed. For starters I live in a country where we have free speech. We can say how we feel and celebrate the way we want. We can live where and how we want. Anyone can come from any situation and make it here in the States as long as you have the will. We have tons of men and woman who fight and sacrifice thier lives so I can live freely here with my family. I am so blessed to be American even in this crappy economy.

Secondly I am so grateful for my family. I have been married to big Ro now for 9 years and 6 months. He is not only my best friend but my soul mate. He is an awesome father and treats me like a queen most days. He knows the way to make me smile and holds the key to my heart. I am also blessed to have two gorgeous and rambantious children. My daughter Roana is so caring and innocent. She adores her teachers and in turn they adore her too. She is very smart and I know with proper nuturing she will grow up to do great things. My son Lil Ro is a hellion but I would not have it any other way. He shows no fear. He tests his limits and I know he will grow up to be a strong independent man.

I am so grateful for my friends online and in life. Without a lot of them I would not have made it this far. My friend Carrie for example. She held me up in prayer and fought me through till the end. My friend Anelys has a great soul. We have never met in life but I feel as though I could tell her anything. Meaghan my dear friend you have been there for it all. You make me stronger each day and help me know I am not perfect but noone is. Heather, hon you are seriously an inspiration. You take the most negative thing and turn it around. You find the light in everything. Kelly, you show me all things are possible with faith hope and love. Crystal & Gina, you guys make me feel so great. You show me that I am a good mama no matter what people say or think. Nicole, you are so strong you are inspiration. Honesty all the people I have talked to have shown me some thing. They have helped me develop a better sense of me. I am so blessed to have found you guys my online but inheart friends.

I am so grateful also for Big Ros place of employment. He has a 4 day weekend and also they go above and beyond. They are encouraging him to become more and I know we finally have found a place to call home.

I have so much to be thankful for. When life gives you lemons make lemonade. I am enjoying mine right now. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Be thankful for all you have! I am thankful for everything and all of you!

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Gina said...

awww.. Susan. I feel so special you included my name in your friends. You are such a great person. The best mother and such a great friend. They're out many like you out there.
I hope you and your family have the BEST Thanksgiving ever.

Adrians Mama said...

Aww that was sweet thank you!!!

Crystal said...

aww Susan, that was so sweet.
I have not met (online or IRL) anyone that has a heart as big as yours. I wish that half the world could look at life through your eyes. You are so thoughtful, caring, loving and giving. You're such a perfect momma and wife.

I am so glad to have found you. I love reading your blog, it brightens my day. You remind me to be strong and remind me to slow down and and enjoy life.

Thank you for being you.

I hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever!!


Heather said...

Girl, I am so proud of you. All the things you have been dealt, you continue to smile and look forward. Its been one heck of a yr for you and yours, but its fantastic to see you still standing and still smiling! Congrats mama!