Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Its An Emotional Roller Coaster

Some of you may remember the little girl who found her way into my heart. Her name is Caylee Anthony. Today there was breaking news that some of her remains were found. My heart leapt for joy at the fact that she would finally be laid to peace but also broke that this mama actually killed her beautiful baby girl. They are now saying this is not related to the case at all. I am torn up. I am so ready to put this baby to rest and I have never met her.

On a side note. We went to Kmart today. I found my kids some good things. I found roana 24 pairs of undies and I only spent 5 on all of them. Sorry I have not been on lately but something is sucking the energy right out of me. I hope its not the flu. Tomorrow we have lunch at Roana's school. I am sure I will go no matter what and I promise pictures no matter what too. Life is ok I am ready for the holidays to be over. We are going small but we are going to have good ones.

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La Guera Liz said...

24 undies for $5!?! Awesome bargain hunting girl! :)

So... the remains found weren't Caylee's afterall?? :(

Have fun at lunch tomorrow!!

Heather said...

Holidays to be over? they havnt even started, lol, jk!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

OMG!! Only 5 bucks... You need to tell me about this deals girl!!!

Sorry about Caylee... It is just so sad!!!! :(