Monday, December 3, 2007

An adult blog for my Adult Party

Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! I am sooooo excited. This week really made me crave the holidays. Friday was such a blast. We went to our favorite chinese resturaunt and had food. It was wok 2000. I highly recommend if you are in the Springs. Saturday Ro took the kiddos to the park so I could focus on the apartment as grandma was coming for the evening to watch the kids before the party. The apartment looked great if I must say so myself. At 445 we both got ready. He looked so handsome in his sweater vest and I in my matching ensemble. We headed off the the hilton ballroom to eat drink and be merry.

This was our first real date as long as I can remember. I want to say before the kids. We searched the room and saw a couple we hang out with before at the sky sox game. We sat down and sipped our water. Rogelio asked if I wanted anything. I was determined not to drink but as they switched the lights down low I asked for some chardeny. He got a glass of merlot that was strong. I finished his merlot as they brought out the green beans, baby red potatos, steaming rolls, roast beef, flank steak and a very nice cranberry green salad. I was in heaven as I stood at the dessert bar. I grabbed suculant chocolate cake and a slice of merengue pie.

I strolled back over to the table with my date and sat down. A few people stopped by to greet us and I smiled. I am so thankful he has this great job. After the meal they turned on the lights. We all had to make up a new line to the christmas carol twelve days of christmas. Our table won because we had the most creativity.

After the little game, they turned the lights down low. A friend at the table asked me to join her in a drink. We had a sweet drink called Jolly Rancher that knocked me on my behind. The slow music started playing and I felt a little sad. I looked at Rogelio and him knowing what was on my mind said" Come on baby lets dance". This was so much better then prom. We ended up calling it a night at 1030. We brought ourselves home and talked. Wow my first real adult party and real adult date. I honestly hope we can do this again. It was so perfect it almost appeared to be a dream...or was it really just that? Pictures to show you....thanks guys for helping me relive an awesome night where I once again felt like a woman not just a mommy!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for you mama!!!! Im glad you got some wifey time not just mommy time you deserve it!!!!

Jennifer said...

first i want to say sorry its taken me so long to post a comment. My google reader is acting up, and I am not getting some of my updates. I am glad dyou had a great time just you and your hubby! We as moms and wifes need this more than we realize!

I love the pics!