Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Baby is A Big Girl

I can hardly believe that 7 years ago I was in the Hospital. I had went in for my weekly test and my doctor showed me a little concern. She sent me right in for an ultrasound and my water was a little low. I was terrified. I picked up the courtesy phone and dialed my husbands cell phone. The conversation went like this.

"Baby can you leave work?"

"No honey why?"

" The doctor needs to talk to us. OMG I need to be admitted for surveilence. I am scared baby"


"If they cant get my fluids up, we will have her new years eve? That is if my water isn't broken."

" Ok baby I will be right there"

I am imagining the worse and crying here in the office all these new or soon to be moms must think I am losing it. He comes rushing through the doors and we talk to our OBGYN. She looks at me and says Susan you have to go. With the hypertension and things we must look out for you. You see the baby wasnt due until 1-22 according to everything. I was thinking I am having a preemie.

We walked into the er and told them I am 36 weeks pregnant and my fluid is low. They had me sit down into the wheelchair and off I was to my private room. I was terrified as they hooked me up the iv's and ro held my hand. I was famished and told them. The nurse took Ro into the hallway and told him I could have no food until the dr was talked to and he was busy in an emergency c-section. I started crying and my sweet husband picked up the phone and called the office. The nurse then called and told them I needed nourishment and to send some food right away.

At 9 pm the doctor came into my room. Rogelio was about to go home for the evening and she started an evaluation. She checked my cervix and I was partially dialated. She then said ok you do seem a little damp and she tested the fluids. The strip quickly turned dark blue. She turned to me and told me I have good news and bad news for you...You are having this baby tonight. I had not even packed my suitcase. I still had 3.5 weeks left. It was crazy.

They added another iv in with my pitocin. They turned on the medicine. The contractions started almost immediately. They also added in the antibiotics for her so just in case.

We picked up the phone to tell my sister in law to bring my mother in law down. She told me they would be down first thing in the morning as most labor last days. I knew this would be quick. At 12 they came in and checked me I was 5 cen dialated. She honestly was hurting like a son a witch too. They asked if I wanted relief. Hell ya I did. Up came the anestheisologist and he poked me in the back 6 times. He then advised me to find an alternate route as the spaces in my back are too small. I then asked for medication which brought me sweet relief for the next couple of centimeters.

Finally at 8 centimeters the back spasms started. I started wailing for hubby to come over and relieve me. He looked helplessly at that clock it stated 142 am and rubbed my back almost in tears himself. Honestly for the next 30 minutes all I remember is the back pain.

At 212 I screamed at rogelio. Please I need to go to the bathroom. The nurse told him she would have to check me if I felt the need to go and I threatened to potty on her. She came in and checked me. I was fully dialated. I was exhausted and disappointed at the same time. She then grabbed my obgyn and she came in full force. She had to give me a episotomy and helped me out. It was a hard 30 minute labor but finally at 242 am on this day I got blessed relief. I looked down into that beautiful face with an oxygen mask and saw a little of myself. I fell in love different from my husband but an unconditional love.

Now here I sit 7 years later and amazingly the pain did not seem that bad. I see her movements and desire to please me. I see her troubles, tears, disappointments and joys. I thank her for giving my first oppurtunity of many to become a mom. The most rewarding and joyous life I could have asked for. My beautiful daughter. Thank you for completing my life.

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