Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wow some people are heartless

I know I am not innocent by a long shot. I have been part of drama but I am trying to move on. Yes I have cut some family ties, but you must do what you must do to make a safe haven for your family. You know when I first started these blogs there was drama on myspace. I played games with them but I grew tired of playing like children. The drama died after thanksgiving thank god...well today I logged on there once again just trying to check up on a few friends and enemy's if you catch my drift. This fat ho bag who cannot even mother her own child is insinuating crap again. I don't know if you heard about the colorado springs shootings...well yea it happened here and the only suspect is dead. I'm scared out of my panties right now. People do crazy things at Christmas....and some reason sad things happen here first. IE Columbine (yea I lived in Littleton at the time too so it must have been me huh) then the other school shootings. Now this tragedy at a local church (again happened here in Colorado Springs, so must have been me!).....Grrr woman grow up and get a life. You are supposedly muslim a very peaceful group from what I hear why you gotta stir the pot. I swear dont wake up the mama bear in me...I will attack you. I know if I left my husband the courts would grant me custody...what did you do so wrong to lose your child fat witch???? I swear, why you gotta get me down...errrrrrerrrrrrrrrrrrr

Sorry amigas. Had to get it out. I swear I wanna rip her limb from limb....the kids are well and my honey surprised me today. He brought me home Mcd's for lunch not my fav but its the thought that counts. I love him. Thanks for the memory's amigas. Hey you, the one I talked to this morning. Stay strong trust me it will all work out in the end. You are like sisters to me. Better then the one I could was given!

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