Friday, December 14, 2007

What I am truly Thankful for

I am so thankful lately for my husband and children. I wonder why God has blessed me with such happiness alot of times. I have Big Ro, a pain in the rear sometimes but when it comes down to it a very sweet guy who adores me and doesn't want to see me hurt. Then I have Roana a holy terror but so sweet when you go the extra mile for her. It wasn't even that much. I made cupcakes for her class and she saw them and they are not perfect but she took her arms wrapped them around me and told me "they are beautiful" thank you mommmy. Brought tears to my eyes. Then there is lil Ro so sweet and handsome. He is sick right now with fever but when he curls in my arms and looks at me with those handsome eyes I just feel my heart swell with pride. This is what the holidays are all about. Being with your family who needs you. Celebrating with the ones who are in your life daily.

This year has been a pretty strange one. I admit it. In the beginning of 2007 I was a whole different person. I was determined to unite my whole family. Now here towards the end I learned you have to stand up for the people who truly care and believe. I think the ugliness has reared its ugly head. I have seen a lot of truth in people I thought I loved. Amazingly I thought I loved them back but when they try to hurt my family I just shove them out. 2008 is going to be a rocking year. I am determined to make them eat their words. I am going to hold tightly to my family.

I remember a lot of things. I will post a day soon with everything. Until then I will go shop and finish my spirit. I am grateful for you friends and a this place I can vent without it being turned around and thrown in my face. I am thankful for life and most of all my beautiful family.

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Jennifer said...

You do have a beautiful family, and its wonderful how tightly you hold them to your heart. There are many people, when it comes down to it, when they have to choose between their old family (like mom, dad, aunt, uncle) and their new family (husband, wife, kids) how many people will fall back and rely on their old family. I think that it is awesome that you are going to make everyone that has been negative and causing drama to eat their words!! They deserve it. I hope the rest of your year goes well, and I hope that you enjoy it greatly with you family!

PS - I hope little Ro is feeling better. And I LOVE your hair cut!