Saturday, May 17, 2008

Having Boys is Scary

A lot of times I ponder should I have another child? Then I think about it more and the reality hits. There is a fifty percent chance I will have another boy. Thinking of little girls in frilly clothes reallly makes me smile and get baby fever really bad. Then I think of my holy terror Lil Ro and I don't even want Big Ro ten feet near me. Let me give you an example. Today I took the children out to fly kites once again. Big Ro came home with the dog and was playing fetch with him while lil Ro rode his power wheel quad. It was time to go eat lunch and I gathered up the crew. I pulled lil Ro by the arm and he jerked away and went running into the parking lot. Then merged to the right and feel face first into prickly bushes. His poor clothes were covered with those nasty thorns and thistles. I could do nothing but rip his shirt and socks off and then pull each one out. My poor son now is covered in a rash and tiny cuts. I even went to the point of sucking a few needles out. You know how people look after falling into a cactus...yep that is him. So you see my dilemma. I will hesitate another year and see how next year looks if not well I have a perfect pair so I can call it done. On other news I am getting wiifit next week. I am very excited to get back in the game. However I am NOT going to burn myself out this time. I am going to get the whole family involved. We shall see what happens. Enjoy this pics of his first touch with danger!

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Anonymous said...

Ouch!!! :( Poor boy!!

LoL, for me, thinking of little boys in little blue onsies with dinos and teddy bears is what makes me smile! I've wanted a boy so bad!!! :)

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Oh LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor thing!!

But dont you dare to think that is just little boys... Camila behaves just like that, remember? So, you may end up with another girl, not so girly!! LOL