Saturday, May 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged 7 things

I have been tagged by Anelys
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1. My name was almost Patricia Opal Ryan but my gg told my mom to name me Susan Marie Instead. Thank goodness.

2. I would love to move to Mexico and if our economy continues to decline it may happen sooner then later.

3. I do not believe in divorce. I talk about it sometimes but I strongly believe marriage is a lifelong commitment.

4. I have to sleep with something against me. Either a pillow or my husband preferably my husband.

5. I miss my mom on a daily basis. I wish I could take back all the bad things I told her.

6. I have a xbox 360 wii and gamecube. We love our technology.

7. I met my husband on the internet. I never had any serious relationships before him. I flew hald the country to meet him and I would not change it.

I tag Erica, Liz, Kelly, Angy, Brenda, Meaghen and heather

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