Saturday, May 3, 2008

This Weekend is going to Suck

I know the kids are home and I should be rejoicing but to me it feels like any other day. My husband woke up at the crack of dawn and went into work. He is going to work an 8 hour day today and tomorrow. Yes I know rejoice it is overtime but when do I get to see my husband? Yesterday he told me next week I am going to go hang out with Lou a friend from work. Let me get this straight last week was Joe for dinner, this week is work and next week is Lou. One its mother's day weekend and 2 I deserve a break too. To top things off it feels like winter here so I really cannot take the kids out anywhere. I am so frusturated but I am holding it in.

Roana only had 12 days left of being a first grader. My baby is growing up fast. I cannot believe how quickly time flies. Oh well. Off to clean my biohazard apartment. Hope everyone has a better weekend then me .

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Anonymous said...

Girl put your foot down and let him know that mother's day is YOUR special day. Lou can and should wait. Lou should be considerate enough to not take your husband's time on Mother's day weekend. If I were you, I would invite Lou over for dinner next week or we would go out to eat together as a family and invite Lou to come along. I'm all for giving my husband freedom, but you did say that you don't see him that much and he seems to be going out to dinner a bit too often.