Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Yes baby we have made it to nine years! The year of the gift of leather. I sometimes think back to the day where we were young and naive. We thought the world revolved around us. Now nine years later here we are still together with 2 beautiful children. I was going to make t-bones and sides for dinner but when I went to the store they were 11 a pound. I could not justify that spending right now but later I am going to check out prices at other stores. We went to a local taco shop for dinner and I had the al pastor and it was delicious!
Of course no special day can go by without something big happening. Thanks to lil Ro big ro and I had a fight. He got ahold of the bleach and poured it over the carpeting. I ran to target and got rit dye and fixed it but only after greif from dh. Big ro did get me a card that made me cry. He is just the typical guy.
Oh well we made up obviously and are talking of plans renewing our vows next year in front of the church. I am excited about that. Well here are some pictures of us through the years enjoy


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Anonymous said...

Awww... very cute pictures!!!! Congrats again on making it to 9 years!!

11 dollars a pound? Did I read that right...???! Yowza!