Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The first busy day in a while

This morning was hectic. First I woke up and had to go to Target to get body wash. While there I got ten dolllars out to catch the bus so I could make my very first playgroup! At 11 my big ro came home for lunch and we chatted a bit. I left the apartment at 11:40 and caught the bus to a local park to meet my new friends.

1:00 rolls around I am paranoid and looking for the new mommies. Finally to my shock I look over and there is sitting a lady with crutches. I walk over to her and yes she is one of the mommies we have been waiting for. I look down at her daughters and sons and they are so sweet. I know we will get along fine.

For the next hour and half we all bonded. I told them I will definately make the next playgroup. The kids liked getting out and frankly I liked some adult interaction. Even Lil Ro joined in the fun. Once he scared me because he got knocked down 3 feet from a swing and I was terrified. But he was fine.

We came home and took maybe 30 minute naps and daddy came home. His kickball game was at 7. I was excited to see all the fans and even met his superviser for the very first time. I laughed as they accepted me and even tried playing football with lil Ro. The score in the first 4 innings was 4-0. Big Ro's team. Lil Ro was very frusturated by now so I ran the kids to the playground. I looked over it was now 7-2. The game ended at 8 and the score was 15-7. Poor Ro looked like he was in pain and pulled his thigh muscle. I have been rubbing his leg and giving him ben gay since. I love being active and realize now that this is a healthy lifestyle. Also that I need to take it easy on thursday so we can all recooperate.

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