Friday, June 6, 2008

My Baby is Hurt!

I am not talkiing about Lil Ro for a change either. My love the other evening pulled a muscle at the game and has been in pain since. Today he stayed home and I treated him to nursing treatment. We stayed home this day and did not get out much. I really hope he feels better by weds as I feel so proud to see him running the bases bringing his team to victory. Yes its not professional but still the glory is still there. We are going to ocean journey tomorrow and I cannot wait. I promise pics and blogs. Until then see ya tomorrow.

Also I am also going to be more interactive on this blog. I will respond to comments so we feel more connected. I look forward to chatting soon

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Anonymous said...

You know, it's funny but it's really not! I know exactly how you feel because ironically Isaac pulled a groin muscle last night! He was being a so you think you can dance person and pulled it. He can bearly walk and he keeps crying. I did take him to the doctor because I didn't know what to do for him but they said he can only have ibprofen for the pain. He is all like mommy I need a drink, mommy can you get me more food but as soon as daddy got home he limped all around like he was half way ok. Very funny to watch. I told him no more dancing! Quit being grandpa Kelly and sit down!!!!

My3Ro's said...

He is feeling semi better now but his leg is all bruised. I hope it get better soon.

Heather said...

Soooo I have missed almost 6 weeks of this blog. Give me a few days to get caught up but i hope everything is good and im excited to know what you have been doing, lol!