Tuesday, June 3, 2008

OMG do not waste my time!

So I found an online website almost like classifieds called Craigslist. We check out the electronics all the time and that is where I found my zune. I saw a lady on there who was looking for a game that we no longer played. I emailed her and let her know that I had a copy she could buy. She emailed me for 2 fricking hours and I finally was setting up a place to meet. The crazy bitch wanted to come to my house. Hello my husband works till 7 and I am home alone with 2 kids. I am not giving out my address. I will set up a public place to meet. She is like I will not take it then as I cannot guarnatee it will not work. Well then give me your address and I will come to your house! Oh well her loss. Sorry I am not risking my life or my stuff for your money. I had to vent about this.

In other news I finally got in on a playgroup. I am going to our first playdate tomorrow at a local park. See its a public setting so I feel safe. I am so excited. I will post more on it tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on the play date!!! That is something I've always wanted to try but I fear rejection! :) Have a blast tomorrow!

Screw that crazy woman on Craigslist. Peope are weird.

My3Ro's said...

Liz. I had a great time. I was so scared trust me but even my hubby accepted it. Give it a shot its worth it!

Yea the craigslist lady creeped me out to the point of cursing. LOL

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

That woman is just crazy.

My3Ro's said...

Anelys: Yes she was nuts especially since I told her I could send pictures of the games working but she had to see in person. No way. We worked hard for what we have. Thanks for the comment