Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tomato, Tomata its time we called the whole thing off!

Yesterday I talked to my sweet nephews. I saw them briefly on Friday and it broke my heart that they did not recognize me. My children are supposed to grow up with family not alone. Yes we have awesome friends here but it is time we reunite with our family. Ro and I talked. We are going to try to make things better. It will never be the same as before but we can be a family with them again. I look forward to weekends soon where we can all be one happy family. Only time will tell I guess. Wish us luck.

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Heather said...

Good Luck and keep us posted! You have to do what is right for the kids even if you dont want too. It has to be about the kids. I deal with the same issues in my family, so trust me, i know, lol!

My3Ro's said...

I will definately keep you all updated. When I talked to her I could hear the saddness in her voice. Hopefully we dont have another falling out

Adrians Mama said...

Sooo glad you are enjoying time with your family. Family outings are great!!