Thursday, June 5, 2008

What is this world coming to?

I have mentioned in my blog before about our best friend here in the Springs. He owns a taco shop that we love and frequent as the food is somewhat healthy. He is open until twelve on weekdays and open 24 hours friday and Saturday. Tuesday night we were sleeping soundly. We got a call at 1230 am. I looked over and it was my friend. He never wakes us up this must be important.

The police were there as some man had forved him to open the window after hours. When he refused the man took a crowbar and smashed his double pane glass. Thank god it was only the glass. When I think of our life without him I could cry. There has been a rash of gun point robberys lately and I am 100% sure this was an attempt but by him walking to the back he avoided catastopre.

I know life is hard for people right now but there are more honest ways to make money. I would rather see a begger than see people take hard working peoples money. When I think of our lives without him I want to cry. I worry about him nightly now as you never know. God blessed us with him in our lives and I pray he protects him. We are talking to them about getting survielence cameras and I hope they do. Keep them in your prayers as they are like family to us. What is this world coming too when you cannot even work comfortably to make a living?

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Yes I still worry every day for him but we are researching his options for security. Why does bad things happen to good people? We will never know I guess.