Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Special Event...Invite Only...The Wii U Experience Denver!

What an amazing day and an amazing event! Big Ro was invited to this event about 1 month ago. We figured what the heck and reserved a space for it. We are avid nintendo fans. Both of us have had the systems from the Original NES to the Current Wii. Some of our fondest memories are of our first nights together sitting in front of the Nintendo 64 playing Mario Party and laughing at the choices that could be made in the game. The event started at 11 am but we got there at 9:45. We were second in line until another person decided to check out a coffee shop next door. We whipped on our Mario gear and took our spots into the first of the line. The kids sat against the bare store front covered in curtains and played their 3ds'.

 The minutes counted down and we became anxious as the security guard opened the door and the staff said "Welcome to the Wii U experience." We checked in and got our lanyards and id cards. This event was by invite only and you had to RSVP. We walked into the waiting area and patiently waited for them to pull open the curtain. Finally at 11 they opened it up with a chant of Wii U...Wii U...welcome Denver.

 The kids, Ro and I ran to Super Mario U. We all three played and it was a very good game. You can have up to 5 players on one console and someone even helps you get through it. You can even play with other people online. The next game we went to experience was Luigis Mansion. This has to be one of my favorites. The person with the game pad actually plays as the ghost on the gamepad. You cannot see where he is at, you just feel the vibrations. I definitely want this game.

 Soon after Big Ro went to check out batman as I took the kids to play Sing. I honestly did not think I would care about it very much as it sounded like Karaoke at first. But when we stood up and started dancing as someone else jammed out it was a blast.

 We also played Just Dance 4. That one was really fun as one person could take the gamepad and become the puppetmaster picking every move you guys could make. I would recommend this one too. My favorite game of course was Wii Fit U. I broke a couple of records actually! You even get to use the same wii board so you do not have to buy another one. They had exclusive bottled waters and a trivia session at the end.

 Big Ro actually won the first question of the night to win a tin of star candy. I am dying to get this new system. I am hoping that Santa brings it to our family. Not very many people get to play a system before it even has an official launch date. I think however nintendo did a wonderful job getting the name and hype out there.

Wii U is definitely a different system that is going to bring a whole new level of gaming to people out there. The clarity of the system is absolutely beautiful. This was a wonderful Saturday event and well worth the cost of gas to get to it. I am eagerly announcing the release date and price so Santa can leave it under our tree!

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