Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Halloween's Never to Early!

I know, I know, school has not even started for most of my blogging friends but since the last holiday we really got to celebrate was the Fourth of July the kids start asking me about what they will be for Halloween! This year I really wanted my son to be a superhero. We have done Eeyore, Devil, Joker, Transformer, and Mario. Most of those were homemade costumes. But finally we are into buying costumes. I hate dealing with the stores. So I have this wonderful opportunity to order one from a Wholesale Costume Club.

Lil Ro and I looked through the costumes for quite a few minutes and finally we settled on this Batman costume. I placed the order on August 16th and we received it on August 24th! It came UPS and my son was beyond ecstatic when he saw the Costume Warehouse Envelope!

I patiently waited for my neighbor child to go home so we could start our modeling session. First of all I was very impressed that this is a Rubies Costume.  I know they make a good quality costume that is light but comfortable for your child. The costume is a retro batman look but honestly I did not want the Dark Knight look as the grey will reflect at night better then say black or dark blue!

My favorite things about this costume is that the bodysuit is One Piece! Also the belt is separate so I can tighten or loosen it to my son's liking. The mask and cape is attached together so you do not have to worry about losing them! I also love that the black cape is lined with a royal blue lining so you can open your wings and appear to take off! It is a very authentic looking Batman costume. The muscles are comical and make my boy look bigger then he is. I  He is absolutely in love with it so I cannot complain too much. It is for one night and it will make him feel invincible that evening.

The only negative thing I can say is that the sizing is a bit off. I ordered a size 7-10 but then the label says for kids ages 5-7. If I had known that I would have ordered a size up. However, since Halloween is less then 2 months away I know it will still fit him comfortably. Also the cuffs are a bit smaller then I anticipated. I will put in a couple of cans and try to stretch them out before his big Trick or Treat day! I honestly think this is a manufacture thing and not a company thing. Another thing I did not care for was there was only 1 Velcro at the top of the suit! But I can fix that with a safety pin or even additional Velcro.

The Wholesale Costume Club has incredible prices though! This costume is less then $30! They have this great feature where you can sign up to become a new member and you save even more money! I am definitely going to keep this site as a favorite to buy costumes and dress up clothes. They are good quality costumes with great prices and even faster shipping. It is rare to find a place like this and I hope to become a very frequent costumer of theirs! I am now looking at Rupunzel stuff there for my daughter. My son shall rise to be the greatest Batman ever thanks to this company! I know it's not even September but let's get our costume shopping done before all the good ones are taken!

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