Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 2 of School and I am kinda lonely

Today was day two. The only difference between today and yesterday is that I had nobody home with me. I used that to my advantage however as I cleaned the house from top to bottom and also organized a few things. I have plenty of time to think. We are on a tight budget right now. Even with my husband's promotion we are tight. Today we finally went grocery shopping. We are trying to eat as clean as possible meaning we eat a lot of fish and chicken. We bought 2 chickens, 2 big bags of tilapia, 5 lbs of chicken breast, a rack of ribs, 5 dozen eggs, 3 cantelope, jalapenos, plus a bit more for around $100. This will feed us for at least 2 weeks. It will only be tight for a little bit. Hopefully end of year we will get more coming in and less going out. Today I contacted Lil Ro's teacher. I asked how he is doing. She informed me that he is doing okay still and that we just need to work on him calling out in large group time. I reminded him this and set up a behavior chart at home for him. Good days he gets a smile face. Bad days a sad face. If he goes a week with no sad faces he gets a dollar tree toy. If he goes the whole semester I will buy him a new lego set. I figure why not give it a shot. I also think I like his new teacher. She has a lot of patience and seems to really care for the kids. I hope this year continues to be great. Roana and I finished her locker today. It was so cute seeing her hang her butterfly stickers. She has a nice unique locker now and it totally shows her side of things. All in all I am adjusting well. I am preparing for my grandmas upcoming trip here to visit at the end of the month. I can get it done. I am truly blessed no matter what I think. I will continue to love my family no matter what and know we are going to be okay.

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Heather said...

your doing a great job mama with a very hard and new transition! Lots of hugs!