Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School

So here we are again. Summer has flown by and I am sitting here trying to remember where in the heck these past 12 years of my life have gone. When did I become this woman? When did these kids grow up to become a sixth grader and a first grader? When will it be easier to say goodbye see you in a few hours. I guess growing up I looked forward to school. I guess the reason was because I was never home. My parents had me in every single summer camp they could find. I never really was wanted from my parents I think. But I digress. This blog post is not about me. It's about my beautiful children.

Today was their first day of school. Lil Ro will be returning back to his previous school. I am glad that it happened this way because he loves his classmates. He made me so proud. He listened quietly and did his work with no help and he was just the dream boy I always wanted. 

My poor daughter Roana. I truly worry for her. This is her first year in the big girl school. I just have 6 more years with her until she is grown and off to college! She asked me to shave her legs and I taught her. Where in the world did the time go? She has her own locker, a new group of friends and is even dressing more sassy. I love my baby girl and I pray the mean teens are kind to her. Only time will tell.

It was a great first day of school. We even ended up going to our favorite Chinese Buffet called The Ultimate Buffet and ate happily. I pray we have a wonderful year and that summer comes swiftly again so we can just enjoy being our little family.

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