Thursday, August 23, 2012

What an Amazing Day! Just one of many I hope!

Today I got to relax with my best friend. I don't think this woman knows it yet but she is truly my best friend. Would it be ackward to tell her? I am not sure. Today I got to cuddle her adorable 11 month old son and listen to a land shark try to sell us a 2013 Ford Explorer for her expanding family. Noone knows yet about the expanding family except me and her husband and mom so I am in a very special class. Thinking of that I must be pretty important to her too. Truth be told I love hanging out with her. We went to lunch today too so it was pretty great. I ordered a plate of carne asada sopes and we ate chips with queso. Not exactly diet friendly but it was so stinking lovely.

 I woke up praying my son would have a good day. Yesterday he was a little bit chatty and the teacher told me about it. I told him we all get chatty so he gets this one free pass. Today when he went to class I rattled out our little rules. Then I told him "Remember son, when you don't listen to your teacher it makes me very sad. When you listen and behave for your teacher it makes me very happy." He looked up at me and said "You won't get mad at me mommy?" I told him no honey. It just makes me very sad. He hugged me and told me he would try his best. Imagine my surprise when i get his planner and it says "Great day :)" I hugged him tight and told him. You can do this every day! I am sure he will continue to make me proud. Roana well she is loving middle school. She is a good girl and I am pretty blessed she is my daughter. Actually I have two very good kids. Maybe having a third wouldn't be such a bad ideal. We will see what the future holds.

Sopes De Carne Asada

It's Proof the kid can do it!

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