Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our First Monster Truck Show

So last saturday I heard there would be a free Monster Truck showing at a local pizzeria called Louie's Pizza. We went over there to see the trucks and I saw a raffle box for a chance for a pair of tickets to the event itself. I threw my name in and also my husbands. Imagine my surprise when they called Big Ro's name. My boy has been obsessed with Monster trucks since his last birthday part. We did a huge Monster truck bouncehouse plus decor for him. I gave him the good news that he would be going. Rogelio then went and bought tickets for Roana and I to attend too! It was pretty reasonable for the two of us but I would skip the pit pass next time! I thought what the heck is this going to be like. I was ready to be bored but by the time the trucks were revving I was up on my feet fist pumping like there was no tomorrow. Ro still teases me saying I am a redneck. I guess you can take the girl out of Ohio but you cannot take the Ohio out of the girl. I definitely recommend people try it one time. I think this will become a yearly event for us. Thank you Monster Truck X for you great show and good luck to all your drivers in Latin America!

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Heather said...

Tiago loves Monster trucks too! We go every yr, tons of fun!