Monday, December 22, 2008

A change of Plans

I was going to make pork tamales and sweet tamales for Christmas but Ro and I decided to go ahead and do a traditional american christmas and make tamales this weekend. I called and ordered our honey baked ham and will go get the fixings for a great Christmas dinner.

This first day of Winter Break was very trying. I was fighting with the kids all day long only 2 weeks and 6 days remaining until the kids are back in school. 

I want to go out and look at lights but it is so cold here. I have no idea where to go honestly either. Since electricity has risen it seems that people are cutting back on everything. I am thinking of doing a Papa Murphy's pizza for Christmas eve but have not discussed it with Ro yet. I am going to make a christmas message on Weds for all of you. I hope we find an appopriate place to do it and OMG you will hear my ugly voice. 

I am doing well right now. Its mellow but dont we all long for that. I cannot believe 2 days until Christmas eve. This year has flew by.

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