Sunday, December 21, 2008

It got a little warmer

It actually reached 30 today. Hurray! We went to the mall again today and got some more clothes from Steve and Berrys. I am going to miss that store. Then we stopped at McDonalds for some ice cream. At 50 cents for a cone it was great. Just a slow day with the family. Big Ro only works on Monday and Tuesday then we have 5 days off. Tomorrow I start the tamales for Christmas eve and day! I am going to buy some no bake cookies for santa and maybe some skim milk! I am finally excited for Christmas.

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Heather said...

Ice cream? huh?

~Mo~ said...

are you going to post what type of tamales you make?, I read where you had made some before. I usually only make pork with red chile, and then the cheese with green chiles, chicken sometimes.