Monday, December 29, 2008

My Princess is 8!

8 years ago I had no idea what I was getting into. I was laying in my hospital bed staring at this screaming little red blob I would come to know as my daughter. I had all the hopes in the world for her. I knew with her father and I's knowlege she would become someone strong. I remember when I was told I would have her. I was terrified. I was supposed to have her on Janurary 22. She had her own plans and to this day is still this way.

I have watched her grow. She has fallen and bruised her ego and body but with my help she has gotten back up and survived. She gave me the best job ever. This job called mom. Today is not only your birthday but my anniversary. It is my 8 year mark in this journey called Parenthood. It has not been the best but I would not trade it.

Roana you never cease to amaze me. You are wonderful and the best daughter. You are so innocent but so intelligent. I wish for one moment I could look through your eyes and see the world as you do. I know you are going to be an amazing woman. No matter what you become or who you become you will always be my beautiful daughter. I cannot believe in 10 years you will be a legal adult. It seems as though just yesterday I was staring into your beautiful brown eyes for the very first time. I love you baby. I will always be your mom.
Hospital Picture

3 Months Picture

One Year Old

2 Year Old

2.5 year Old

3 Year Old

5 Year Old

7 Year Old

My 8 Year Old

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Beckie said...

She is sooo beautiful

Heather said...

Those are priceless, thanks for posting them. Its great to see what a beautiful young lady she has become!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

OMG... In the 3 year old picture I can totally tell she and Ro-N are brother and sister!! Wow!!!

Roana: Happy birthday my sweet niece... You are a gorgeous lady and we love you very much... I hope we can get to meet soon... I know you will love to meet the flowers and I know they will love to meet you!!!!!