Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cold day!

Yes winter is officially here and mother nature let us know it. I am dying to go walking to the store and get out of this apartment but at 10 degree or less I am dreaming. I attempted to take the kids out but we could only handle about 20 minutes before their cheeks were bright red and we felt some freezing fingers. I wish it would just snow. When it snows it seems like it is cold but not quite as cold. The joys of living in Colorado. We attempted to go to the mall but the line to it was seriously a mile long. We ended up just staying home. I guess that is best but sometimes I am antsy. We all need to get away sometimes.

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Adrians Mama said...

You are braver than me!! Great pics!!!

Carrie said...

I feel you! It it 2 degrees here but with the crazy wind chill it is like -15 the news said. And of course NO SNOW either. Cant wait for christmas hope we get some snow then.

Heather said...

Hey I see some grass in there, it cant be that cold... Im just kidding, lol!