Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I took a break

Honestly you guys did not miss much in my world these last three days. I took this time to relax with the kids and see how long we could go internet free. We did well but I missed my blog. I am going to make it a point to spend less time here and more on my kids and apartment. I am loving this holiday season. On Monday I finally put up our tree. I am disappointed to say that our tree has finally seen its last year. We bought him in November of 99 and he will not light up anymore. I put the ribbons and globes on him but we will be lightless this year. I am telling everyone we are going green this year. LoL.

Honestly we just relaxed a lot these last couple of days. With the cold and snow we have stayed shut in. I am not risking getting sick this year at all. Just kidding of course. Well kinda kidding.

This weekend is the kids Christmas party at Big Ros work. I am so excited! That means only 1 week until it is dh & I date night. Woohoo! We have not been out alone in over a year seriously. Good times ahead and I will update more often. Sorry I left in a hustle just needed to get away for awhile.

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Heather said...

Its good to get a break every now and then. Enjoy it and take as many as you need!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

LMAO!!! You cracked me up with telling everyone you are going green... Too funny!!! We also need to buy a new tree... Ours is small and cheap... We will need to plan for a new one next year!!!