Friday, November 23, 2007

Countdown to Christmas

Last night I swore I would not get into the hype! I swore the cold would keep me cuddled up warm in my blankets. However when I heard the wind at 5 am it beckoned me. The black friday sales. I must go on. Dh was already awake and said "Baby you wanna brave it?" Hell ya, I wanted to scream. This day is almost another holiday for me. Yea I know I was feeding the commercialism. But yesterday was not a stereotypical thanksgiving either. We bundled our two babies in their coats and headed to the car. It is flurrying. I went to an game store and scored a collecters editon halo 3 for 74 when normally is 125. Then went over to toys r us. Heck no never again. The line was wrapped around the store 4 times. NO NO NO toy is worth that frusturation. LoL. So off we headed to target. Santa called me and told me my son would like a motorcycle so they had one one sale for 50. I snatched the last one ran to the registers and checked out. Then circuit city for dvds for 3.99 for 50. After we went to Babies R Us. I got diapers...their brand that value pack for $10 each. I only got three as I hope to start potty training here very soon. So this is the beginning the countdown to christmas. Surprisingly I am very very excited now. We have 3 parties to attend and our own special day. Thank god for good friends and my loving family.

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