Thursday, November 8, 2007

Last Night Was Awesome

No not the way you ladies are thinking. Naughty, Naughty. Big Ro and I sat done and talked. I told him a little about my fears of him cheating. He looked at me like I was insane and told me he is just friends with a lot of people and will not change for anyone. He also told me he loves his gordita and will love me for as long as I allow. We talked about the drama that was going on in my family. We decided for now I am going to let it go. I am not saying I am talking to them again but also I refuse to feed the negativity. I know I have Ro and his family and my online family too. With everyone I have as a support system I am very strong now.

Roana is making me so proud lately. This morning she woke up and told me her tummy ached. I gave her two options stay home and go to the store with me Or go to school and try to survive. She looked at me with the strongest smile and said I think Ill go to school mommy. She also told me she loves school and wants to be a nurse. I asked her why not a Doctor? She responded "because mommy the dr needs a nurse to help him or the dr cannot fix the person!" It kinda makes sense but she is turning into a sweetie. Well when she is not wrestling with her bubba Lil Ro.

Lil Ro, I cannot tell you guys how much he has grown. He now weighs 21 lbs and is 33 inches long. He is my soldier. He is goofy though and has me pulling my hair out at times. He has learned to climb on the table and also how to draw a bath. Very scary but he is so much different then his sister. He now says Kaka (I know not nice), Hi Dada, peas (please), thank you, and a few other words. Honestly he is keeping me on my toes lately. LoL.

Rex my puppy is amazing. He is now trained to walk without a leash. He also is very independent. On Sunday we went out for a walk at a park. We forgot there was a creek he could jump into. We took off the leash to go after a ball and the next thing I saw was him sprinting off. I didn't think anything of it until dh shook his head. I ran over with LiL Ro in my arms and looked down. My puppy had jumped off a 20 ft ledge into the creek. I am so thankful he is ok and we got him out. I have learned now I need to control him.

Me, well I am just chilling. I am trying to take each day by day. I am no longer dwelling on hate and just striving to see my family succeed. Not everyone can be blessed as I am. Ro & I are going to have some down time again tonight so we will probably watch ghosthunters and a couple of movies. I am making spaghetti & meatballs, salad with olive oil vinagerette & whole wheat french bread. Then who knows what happens later. You can use your imaginations we are all grown ups.

So my good friends. If I don't post again tonight. Thank you for supporting and loving me. I know God has blessed me with each and every one of you. May we all have the strength to ignore those who only want to put us down. I know I am now learning that lesson too well. Much love and Peace to all.

Hope You Enjoy these Pictures

My Minnie
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My Eeyore
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My 3 Ro's
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The View From My Apartment
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I Love This Picture
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My Lil Ro
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My Princesa
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