Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Can we say overdramatic

Well my family has officially lost it. I have had to privatize my whole Myspace account. I have been getting threatening emails and never an apology. It breaks my heart but my family comes first. I am saddened that such racism is breaking my family apart. My children are my main focus right now and I will not let anyone get me down. I am so blessed that I have found a group of ladies that are Latina and support me no matter what. One day I know God will bless me and let me see them in person.

Big Ro & I have been talking a lot. I honestly have a fear of losing him lately. I don't know why but these dreams keep haunting me and I lose him to a Hispanic woman. I know its just my insecurities getting to me. He loves me and I have no reason to doubt it. I guess when the going gets tough it is hard to imagine someone sticking with you. My family has helped give me these crazy feelings.

I have a migraine today. I think it is from all this bull. I have been laying on the couch and chilling with my Lil Ro. I am going to sign off now but just wanted to say hey. My sister tried calling me but I am tired of all this drama. Thanks for caring.

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carrie said...

Lady come read my new blog on myspace.

Anonymous said...

I saw that you read it, I hope you liked it. You were my best friend for many years and I don't want to see you hurting. I hope you know that you can call or email me anytime, I am always available to talk. Don't let the distance get you. Don't feel alone right now, you have many people who love and care about you.

sperry said...

Susan, I may not be your sister by blood, but in my heart thats what you are! You know that the Kelly girls will always be here for you! Even just to lend an ear! I have kind of heard whats been goin on between your family and I think it totally sux! You just do what you have to do. Your right...your family..your babies come first! And no body, no matter who they are should ever doubt that or try to break that!! Stay strong! You have my love sis!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl Im sorry that your family is doing this to you ....but we are your online family and to us your family are people ...not colors or nationalities.....I wish your blood family would see it like that...but if not.....well their loss!

Jennifer said...

Unfortunately family can't be chosen. Blood family anyway. Your real family is those that you choose - your friends, and family of your heart. I have had to deal with this as well in my life with a big part of my family. For 10+ years my father wouldn't even talk to me. That isn't saying that it doesn't hurt, because I know it does. It hurts - alot. But focus on your husband and your children, and the family that you chose. We are here for you. Do what you can so that their negativity doesn't/can't affect your relationship with your husband.

Aunt Susan said...

sorry to hear things aren't going that well sure wish we could have talked longer.remember i am here for you for anything , I love you with all my heart, I am here day or night for you. love youuuuu

your fav aunt .

Anonymous said...